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​​LongJohn Joe Services
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your friendly handyman 
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Its more about ME than About us, hehe!

Coming from being an apprentice in an engineering and metal working environment, miring in a sales career, sloughing out under the sun at the construction sites to serving clients in a cosy interior design showroom, I finally found my passion to be a great handyman.

It helps that I know a little bit of everything after going through all the above. 

LongJohn Joe was born out of desperation to serve my clients as an interior designer.  As time goes by, clients are seeking repairs and maintenance services for their homes, it so happen that I got a pair of nimble hands and some basic tools to solve their problems.

From doing minor repairs to undertaking 'shitty' jobs nobody wanted, we have found our niche utilizing our skills and powered by our passion.  And we enjoyed every bits of it.